Tennis Court Windscreens serve many purposes.   The windscreens provide privacy, provide a solid background which allows the tennis players to see the ball better, cuts down on the wind moving through the courts and in some cases hides the blemishes of an older fence. Whatever your reason may be for considering to purchase tennis court windscreens, we have several options available from the leading tennis manufacturers, in which at least one should satisfy your requirements.

While there are tennis court windscreens available rolls which can be purchased here, we will discuss custom made windscreens manufactured exactly to your specifications.  Although the standard measurement for a single tennis court is 60' x 120', there is no guarantee that your court is exactly that measurement.  Therefore, we highly recommend measuring your fence to get the exact measurements.  If you need more information on how to measure for windscreens, we created a guide, How to Measure for Tennis Court Windscreens, that will assist you.

We would like to point out that although we refer to the windscreens as tennis court windscreens, there are many other uses for the windscreens.  We have countless customers that have used the windscreens at baseball fields, football stadiums, tracks, businesses such as day care centers and parks to name a few.  And because a logo can be printed on most windscreens, it provide an excellent branding opportunity.

Our pricing is based on the total linear feet (LF) required of a specific height.  As you will see in the products below, we offer prices in LF of the most common heights used, which is usually 6' high or 9' high windscreens.  So whether you need one 60'L windscreen panel or three 20' long panels, the price will be the same.

We mentioned that the common height for windscreens is either 6' H or 9' H.  Most tennis court fences are 10' H.  Therefore, some people purchase a 6' H windscreen and center it on the 10' fence which leaves 2' at the top and 2' at the bottom.  Other people prefer to cover the majority of the tennis court fence and purchase a 9' H windscreen.  That decision is all a matter of opinion.  There is no right or wrong height.  Being that the windscreens are custom made, you can purchase a 5' H, 7' H or 8.5' high windscreen if you prefer.

How do you know what windscreen is right for you when there are so many options? Not only are the windscreens made of different materials (Vinyl Coated Polyester, Polypropylene, Solid Vinyl and Vipol Matrix to name a few), but also differ in the spacing of the grommets (every 12" or 18"), the stitching (3-ply or quad stitched), the weight of the material (5 oz, 7 oz, 8 oz, 10 oz etc), the shade factor (75%, 84%, 95%), the available colors (some windscreens are available in up to 15 colors, others are only available in green or black) and if a logo can be printed on a particular windscreen.

So there are a lot of options, features and specifications to consider.  How do you choose or at least narrow down the options? While every manufacturer has their own pricing structure based on material and labor costs, if you look at the price, it provides a good indication of the quality of the windscreen.  The other quick indicator to look at is the warranty.  A tennis court windscreen that has a 5-year warranty is of better quality and should last you longer than a windscreen that has a 3-year warranty.  

If you have any questions, or would like our assistance in walking you through the many options, please give us a call at 1-800-571-2890.  We have knowledgeable customer service representatives that will assist you.  We will answer your questions and offer some suggestions on tennis court windscreens that match your needs and budget.