How To Install Tennis Net Posts

How to Install Tennis Net Posts

Before we begin describing how to install tennis net posts, we would like to make a recommendation. Net posts can be installed directly into the concrete or sleeves can be installed into the concrete. We highly recommend installing net post sleeves. The sleeves can be steel or aluminum sleeves purchased with your net posts. Installing net post sleeves allows you to remove the net posts easily, whether it’s to purchase new net posts or if you live in a cold climate area, to remove and store the net posts for the winter months. (Not to get sidetracked but if you remove and store your net posts make sure you cover the sleeves so water and/or debris does not get into the sleeves. Tape or a cap works well). If the net posts are installed directly into the concrete, when the time comes to replace the net posts, you will need to remove the entire net post concrete footer just to replace the net posts! Not a good plan. And very costly.

Below are instructions on how to install net posts:

1. For a standard doubles court, the net posts measure 42’ apart. This measurement is from the center of the net post to the center of the second net post.

2. The net post footer should be 18” in diameter at the top and 30” in diameter at the base. An extended base will increase the footers resistance to stress. The minimum depth is 42”; however depending on where you live, the footer depth should be a minimum of 6” deeper than the local frost depth.

3. Once the footers are dug, check to make sure the net post sleeves will be at the center of the hole. The best and most effective way to do this is to set up a string line to the finished grade. The string line at finished grade will act as a guide as to the height the net post sleeves need to be set. Next, measure to the center of the net post sleeves and mark the string line with a marker or piece of tape. Now you have the correct height of the sleeves and the center of the sleeves which makes the installation much easier and accurate.

4. Before pouring the concrete footer, tape one end of the net post sleeves. The taped end will be the end first inserted into the poured concrete. The tape will prevent concrete from filling the sleeves during installation. The length of the sleeves should be 24” in which 20" of the net posts will slide into the sleeves.

5. Pour the concrete and install the net post sleeves. Use a level to make sure the net post sleeves are level vertically.  Once the concrete has cured, install the net posts.


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