Edwards 30LS Tennis Net

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The Edwards 30LS tennis net is Edwards most popular net and is the same net as used at Wimbledon.  The net features a 3.5 mm net body and a vinyl coated quad-stitched headband with a vinyl coated steel net cable.  Another great feature is that the net is tapered, which means that the bottom tape will not rub against the court surface.  This benefit will increase the lifespan of the net.  

The net comes complete with fiberglass dowels, twine to tie the net to the net posts and a center strap.


  • Extra heavy duty 3.5 mm braided polyethylene net body which can withstand the wear and tear from daily competitive tennis play
  • Vinyl coated headband that is quad stitched to ensure it stays attached to the net fabric.  Also, vinyl is easy to clean.
  • Vinyl coated steel net cable
  • Vinyl coated side and bottom tapes
  • Tapered bottom tape to allow for a perfect fit and to prevent excess rubbing of the net bottom along the court and adds durability
  • Included are two 5/8" long lasting fiberglass dowels 
  • Center strap included
  • Three year manufacturer limited warranty

Edwards is known for its quality and tradition.  They have been in business for over 100 years and have been supplying tennis products to Grand Slam tournaments throughout the world, including Wimbledon and the US Open.