Billie Jean King's Eye Coach

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  • Practice 30 different shots

  • 300% faster, permanent improvement than on the court

  • Permanent improvement training videos for almost every stroke and spin

  • 5 minutes a day  = 1 hour on court improvement


It’s simple to set up, and weighs only 13 pounds.

Make it your 24/7 personal trainer.


More detailed:

  • ACHIEVE YOUR TENNIS GOALS: Whether you’re a beginner or a more seasoned tennis player, your goals no doubt include having lots of fun, getting great exercise, and winning more. The Billie Jean King's Eye Coach training system's job is to help you achieve these goals.

  • DESIGNED BY MULTI-SKILLED PROFESSIONALS: The Eye Coach was created by eye specialists and motor-memory and tennis experts. Tested throughout the world, the Eye Coach will quickly become your personal tennis trainer.

  • DRAMATIC, LASTING IMPROVEMENT: See an improvement in your power, accuracy, spin control (including topspin), and confidence. The tennis trainer helps you perfect the most crucial part of your tennis game: focus at the point of contact. It’s the only time you can control the ball and Sweet Spot hits.

  • DON’T SETTLE FOR LESS: Billie Jean King’s award-winning Eye Coach is a complete portable tennis training system offering perfect ball-striking practice anywhere, anytime. We offer 17 training videos and personalized support whenever needed.

  • IMPROVE TODAY & FOREVER: Billie Jean King’s gift to tennis: a tennis training system trusted and used worldwide by clubs, professionals, and trainers. Our tennis practice equipment focuses on overall improvement that you can see on the court.