Edwards Classic 3" Round Tennis Court Net Posts

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The Edwards Classic 3" Round tennis court net posts are our most popular tennis court net post. Edwards is a company that has been supplying quality equipment to the tennis industry for 130 years.   Their equipment has been featured at some of tennis’ greatest events, such as the London 2012 Olympic Games and the Wimbledon Championships.

The tennis posts are made of 3 mm thick round tubular steel. The tennis court net posts are finished with either a green or black powder coating. The posts feature an internal brass winder unit, which means that the winding mechanism, except for the handle, is set inside the net post. With the heavy-duty brass winder unit being set inside the posts, it creates a nice, clean look as well as keeps the mechanism from being exposed to the weather elements and unnecessary wear and tear. If at some point the brass winder needs to be replaced, it can easily be removed from the net post and a new winder can be inserted into the net post requiring only four brass screws (included with the new brass winder).

The brass pulley wheel sits atop the net posts and allows for the net cable to easily be placed in the pulley grove for optimal operation. The anchor end post (which is the post that doesn’t have the internal winding mechanism), has a welded hook to capture the end loop of the tennis net.

The tennis court net posts measure 60” in length. Once you slide the net posts into the pre-installed ground sleeve, 42” of the posts will sit above ground. With the Edwards tennis net posts, the bottom lacing bar is welded at the point in which it will act as a stop to ensure the net post is set at the correct height.   The steel lacing bars are welded onto each post allowing for the tennis net to be tied snugly to the net posts.

The previously mentioned ground sleeves are not included with the net posts but can be purchased separately (here). If you are constructing a new tennis court, we highly recommend installing the ground sleeves in concrete instead of directly installing the tennis net posts in the concrete. The reason is simple. If at some point you need to replace the tennis court posts, you can slide the old net posts out of the sleeve and slide a new pair directly into the sleeve. Doing so will save you thousands of dollars when it comes time to replace the net posts because if you direct install the net posts into the concrete, you will have to dig the entire concrete footer out in order to replace the net posts.

The other benefit on installing net post sleeves in the concrete is that if you live in an area that has winter months or periods in which you are unable to use the tennis courts, you can remove the net posts and store them which will increase the lifetime of the tennis posts.

If you would like to look over information on how to install tennis net posts, which includes information on the net post footers and sleeves, you can find it here.

Lastly, we often get asked “which is better, the round net posts or the square net posts”? Quality wise, there is no difference. It all comes down to your personal preference and what you like better aesthetically.


If you are constructing a new tennis court and have decided to purchase the round tennis net posts, we suggest purchasing the 3” round tennis court net posts with the 3” round net post sleeves. Doing so will allow you to purchase either 2-7/8” net posts or 3” net posts in the future when it is time to replace the net posts. Over time, especially on clay tennis courts, dirt/debris can get into the net post sleeves and at that point it is good to have the option to purchase 2-7/8” round net posts which will give you some extra room to slide the net posts into the sleeves.


  • Heavy duty, durable net posts constructed from 3" round tubular steel
  • Hot zinc coated inside and out which helps prevent rusting
  • Powder coated finish produces a smooth, hard skin
  • Heavy duty internal brass winder unit sits inside the tennis net post (except for the handle)
  • Lacing bars for attaching the tennis net
  • Available in black or green
  • Sold in pairs
  • Ground sleeves sold separately (here)


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