Tennis Court Crack Repair (one gallon)

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  • A colored acrylic latex, fortified with mineral fillers, fibers and silica sand
  • Designed to be used as a trowel grade repair for larger cracks
  • Comes ready to use
  • Dries in 2 hours and is ready for play in 24 hours (larger/deeper cracks will take longer to dry)
  • Available colors: Dark green, light green, red, blue and neutral (off white to tan-ish in color)

The tennis court crack repair is designed for filling cracks on asphalt or concrete surfaces, such as tennis courts, basketball courts, playgrounds or other athletic court surfaces.  It is an acrylic latex fortified with mineral fillers, fibers and silica sand.  The tennis court crack repair is available in several colors, designed to closely match the colors of most recreational surfaces.  Because of this, once the product is applied, there is no need to go back over it with paint which saves you time and money.  Note that the colors will not match exactly due to UV rays, oxidation and the weathering of the existing court surface.

Follow these steps for the application of the tennis court crack repair:

  1.  Clean the crack of all dirt, loose debris, weeds etc.  
  2.  For best results, use a hand held scraper or rectangular shaped trowel to apply the material.
  3.  Pack the material into the crack.  Pack it so that it is compact with no air voids.  Voids will allow shifting and will lead to the material cracking.
  4.  Before moving on to the next section, run the tool along the surface to scrape up excess material.  You'll want to make sure there are no high spots at the crack and that the repair matches the surface height.

Other Information:

  1. The repair should dry to the touch in approximately 2 hours if under direct sunlight and temperatures approx. 80 plus degrees.   If the repair is in the shade or the temperature is lower, the repair will take longer to cure.  The more time you can give the repair time to cure the better.  A minimum of 24 hours is recommended.
  2.  Do not dilute the crack repair product.  Apply the material as is.
  3.  Depending on the size/depth of the crack, you may need to go over the crack again due to material settling.  The better you can pack the material on the first pass the better off you will be.
  4.  Using a squeegee to apply the material is not recommended.
  5.  Don't apply the tennis court crack repair if temperatures are below 50 degrees.
  6.  For cracks deeper than 1", only apply 1" at a time, let it fully cure, then apply another 1" etc.
  7.  Do not apply if rain is forecast before the product can fully cure.

Coverage Rate:

  • Coverage rate will depend on the width and depth of the crack.  
  • As a rule of thumb, a 1/2" wide x 1" deep crack = 35 linear feet per gallon.


Cold Weather / Winter Warning:

  • This product ships from Kansas City, MO.  We are not able to ship the product when temperatures are near or below freezing at any point along the delivery route.  Therefore, the order may be delayed until shipping conditions/temps improve.
  • Please adhere to product guidelines for product storage and usage. Advantage products are to be applied in temperatures 50 F° and rising. DO NOT apply if the temperatures are lower.
  • DO NOT apply if temperatures are expected to fall below 50 F° 72 hours before or after application.
  • DO NOT apply material if temperatures will drop below freezing within 96 hours before or after.
  • Following the guidelines will help provide optimal conditions that will ensure the products intended longevity.